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The team’s seminar

The Parsifal Seminar takes place at least once per month and hosts research talks by guests as well as team members. Since Septembre 2017, we usually meet on Wednesdays at 2pm in room Flajolet.

Incoming Talks at the Parsifal Seminar

6    December 2017 Amina Doumane  (room Grace Hopper) – Infinitary proof systems for logics with fixed points and applications
13 December 2017 – François Lamarche – The Rust programming language
20 December 2017 –
Two talks in room Grace Hopper
          Claudio Sacerdoti Coen Encoding the two-level minimalist foundation of Maietti-Sambin using lambda Prolog and Abella.
     Enrico Tassi  : Elpi: an extension language for Coq

Past Meetings

29 November 2017 – Francesco A. Genco  From hypersequents to parallel computation via systems of rules

22 November 2017 – Revantha Ramanayake Syntactic decidability and complexity upper bound for the logic of bunched implication (BI)

23 November 2017 – Stephane Graham-Lengrand  Reasoning in combined inference systems: a methodology evolved from SAT-solving. (room Schützenberger)

8 November 2017 – Beniamino Accatolli talked about The Negligible and Yet Subtle Cost of Pattern Matching (pdf)

25 October 2017 Guillaume Burel talked about Linking Focusing and Resolution with Selection

2014: The Reading Group on Fixed Points (RGFP) met roughly once every two weeks to discuss various aspects of fixed points in relation to structural proof theory.

5-7 November 2013: LIX Colloquium 2013: The Theory and Application of Formal Proofs

Summer 2013 – the team had several visitors during spring and summer 2013.

  • Chuck Liang is planning a month long visit. Tentative dates: 20 May – 15 June.
  • Elaine Pimentel and Carlos Olarte are planning to visit 7 June – 15 July.
  • Gopalan Nadathur visits from 21 May – 31 May.

5-6 March 2013: Workshop on Formal Meta-Theory

15-16 November 2012: Collegium Logicum 2012: Structural Proof Theory

10-12 July 2012:  Workshop on Abella and Bedwyr

3-6 July 2012: Workshop on Specifying Proof Systems and Computations