A talk by Zena Ariola

Zena Ariola (Professor from the University of Oregon) is currently visiting PPS in Paris.  She will visit LIX and give the following talk.

Call-by-need: reduction, continuation passing style and abstract machine
by Zena Ariola

27 Feb 2013, 11h, Salle Philippe Flajolet, Alan Turing Building

INRIA-Saclay & LIX, Ecole Polytechinque

We introduce the call-by-need calculus and discuss how it represents Wadsworth’s graph reduction. We will then present a continuation-passing style (CPS) transformation which brings to light the fact that call-by-need variables are not given meaning by substitution. We relate this CPS to the pi-calculus. We follow with the classical extension which raises issues regarding the sharing of bindings. Two approaches will be discussed, one inspired by natural deduction and the other by the sequent calculus. One example will show how the two semantics differ.