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Chuck Liang visits for a month

Chuck Liang (Professor from Hofstra University, NY, USA) will be visiting the team from 19 May until 15 June 2015.

Chuck Liang visits during May and June

Chuck Liang (Professor, Hofstra University) visits the team during 26 May – 20 June 2014.  

Chuck Liang visits for a week

Chuck Liang visited the team during the week of 16 December.  He gave a talk on Wednesday 18 Dec.

Elaine Pimentel and Carlos Olarte visiting until 16 July

Prof. Elaine Pimentel (UFMG) and Prof. Carlos Olarte (Univ. Javeriana, Cali) are visiting Parsifal and Comète in June and July.

Chuck Liang and Gopalan Nadathur visit Parsifal in May

Prof. Chuck Liang (Hofstra) and Prof. Gopalan Nadathur (Univ. Minnesota) are visiting Parsifal during May and June. Chuck will be here until 15 June and Gopalan until 31 May.

Thanos Tsouanas visits for two weeks

We have a visitor to the team during the next two weeks.   Thanos Tsouanas is doing his PhD at ENS Lyon with Olivier Laurent.  Part of his PhD (via a Marie Curie fellowship)  requires him to undertake a “secondment” at a school outside ENS Lyon.  Thus his visit here.

Chuck Liang visits LIX the week of 17 Dec 2012

Chuck Liang, professor at Hofstra University, NY, USA will be visiting LIX during the full week of 17 Dec 2012.  His visit is supported using funds from Digiteo.

David Baelde visits and speaks

David Baelde (MdC, LSV, Cachen) will visit the team on Friday 12 Oct 2012.  A schedule of his visit is below. 10h30 – noon   informal discussions focusing on, say, Abella related topics. noon-14h         lunch 14h-15h30       talk by David.  Title and abstract below. 15h30-17h       informal …

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TWIP: This Week In Parsifal

This week we have two visitors to the team in addition to Elaine Pimentel who has been here for some weeks already.  They are Vivek Nigam (former team member, now a postdoc in Munich) and Giselle Reis (phd student in Vienna). Also, Stefan Hetzl is starting this week a 3 month post doc position within …

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Workshop on Abella and Bedwyr

Workshop on Abella and Bedwyr Dates:  10-12 July 2012 (Tue/Wed/Thu) Location: LIX (still in the old, familiar location) All talks will take place in the Prefa (the extension to Aisle 0) except the last talk (Thursday at 14h) which will be held in the “bocal” (near the mailroom of LIX). 10 July, Tue 14h00 Lucca Hirschi (LRI …

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