Team Leader

Project Assistant

  • Maëva JEANNOT (maeva dot jeannot at inria dot fr)

Permanent Researchers

External Collaborators

  • Tomer Libal, The American University and the University of Luxembourg

Post Docs

  • Benjamin Ralph (starting 1 Feb 2019, supervised by Lutz Strassburger)

PhD Students

  • Ulysse Gérard (starting 1 Nov 2015, supervised by Dale Miller)
  • Maico Leberle (starting 1 Oct 2017, supervised by Beniamino Accattoli)
  • Matteo Manighetti (starting 1 Oct 2017, supervised by Dale Miller)
  • Marianela Morales (starting 1 Oct 2019, supervised by Lutz Straßburger)
  • François Thiré (starting 1 Sep 2016, supervised by Stéphane Graham-Lengrand and Gilles Dowek)

Interns and short-term visitors

Former members