Sébastien Tordeux

nullAssociate Professor
email : sebastien.tordeux@inria.fr
Tel : +33 6 60 13 65 40

Postal Adress :
Université de Pau — IPRA
Avenue de l’Université,
BP 1155

My office :
UFR Sciences, Bâtiment B1
2ème étage, Magique 3D

I am mainly interested in the following research topics

  • Trefftz methods for time harmonic acoustic and electromagnetic models (IPDG and UWVF methods)
    • Direct numerical solvers which reduce the numerical pollution
    • Well-conditioned iterative solvers
  • Acoustic and Electromagnetic Multiscattering by small obstacles
    • Justification by matching of asymptotic expansions
    • Spectral methods

    In the following movie we compare

    • a direct simulation based on a sophisticated numerical method with space time refinement close to the small heterogeneities
    • a multiscale method with low computational burden

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