Hou10ni code computes the solution to acoustics wave propagation problem in heterogeneous media. It is able to consider both time-domain and harmonic-domain (Helmholtz) and is based on the Interior Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the space discretization. The 2D version has been extended to elastodynamics equation and to the coupling between elastic and acoustic.

  • 2D version

    This version can compute the solution to acoustic, elastodynamic or elasto-acoustic equations. It allows for the use of arbitrary high-order elements, curved elements, and p-adaptivity.

  • 3D version

    This version can compute the solution to acoustic wave equation. The implementation of arbitrary high-order elements and curved elements and the extension to elastodynamic is a work in progress. The Helmholtz version has been parallelized and the solution to the linear system is based on Mumps. However, we are now working on the optimization of the parallelization, in particular by considering mesh partionning.

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