First Russian-French Conference on Mathematical Geophysics, Mathematical Modeling in Continuum Mechanics and Inverse Problems,

INRIA and research institutes of Novosibirsk have a long common history. This conference aims in renewing this relation.

The conference will be focused on direct and inverse problems in mathematical geophysics, mathematical modeling in continuum mechanics, and wave propagation.

The recent tremendous progresses in scientific computing enable now to address wave propagation problems of very big size. Such problems naturally arise in geophysics due to either large geographic areas or complex heterogeneous media. This creates a demand in new mathematical models (lithosphere modeling, homogenization technique…) and efficient numerical methods (high order finite element models, local time stepping, low dispersive schemes…).

We aim in gathering well recognized specialists with a large spectrum of domain of expertise (geophysical modeling, wave propagation, numerical analysis, large scale problems, inverse problems…) in order to create synergy resulting in theoretical and technological advances in these domains. This conference will be a good occasion to initiate discussions and define joint research projects between French and Russian researchers.

An important domain of application of mathematical geophysics is the oil exploration. The conference will thus be supported by the strategic action INRIA-TOTAL “DIP: Depth Imaging Partnership” which gathers INRIA team-projects for the development of advanced simulation tools for seismic imaging based on wave propagation.

The first edition will take place in France (near Biarritz) on June18-22 2012. The next one will be held in Novosibirsk at the end of 2014.

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