Projects and collaborations


Depth Imaging Partnership

A strategic action called “Depth Imaging Partnership (DIP)” has been created between TOTAL and INRIA. The creation of DIP has been possible thanks to fruitful collaborations between MAGIQUE-3D and Henri Calandra. The scientific responsible is Hélène Barucq and the coordination of DIP and its functioning are thus realised inside MAGIQUE-3D. The research program of DIP includes different aspects of sciences that must be considered to construct an efficient software program for producing accurate images of the subsurface. The RTM (Reverse Time Migration) technique is obviously one objective to reach but the solution of the inverse problem is also an important issue for DIP. As far as the functioning of DIP is concerned, the different partners have to work jointly on topics that have been accepted by the scientific committee of DIP.

For more information, please refer to the website of DIP.

International Collaboration ANTS

The research project ANTS (Advanced Numerical meThods for helioSeismology) started in February 2019.
It is a joint collaboration between the Project-Team Magique-3D and the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS).
For more information, please visit the dedicated website.


GEAGAM: Geophysical Exploration using Advanced GAlerkin Methods .


This project aims to apply the new exascale HPC techniques to energy industry simulations, customizing them, and going beyond the state-of-the-art in the required HPC exascale simulations for different energy sources: wind energy production and design, efficient combustion systems for biomass-derived fuels (biogas), and exploration geophysics for hydrocarbon reservoirs.

International Partner Magic2

The Associated Team MAGIC was created in January 2006 and renewed in January 2009. At the end of the program in December 2011, the two partners, The MAGIQUE-3D INRIA Project-Team and the California State University at Northridge (CSUN) decided to continue their collaboration and obtained the “Inria International Partner” label in 2013.

For more information, please refer to the website of Magic.

Partnership with I2M in Bordeaux supported by Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine

The collaboration focuses on the detection, localization and monitoring of the defect evolution in composite materials, concrete and more generally heterogeneous materials.

ANR Num4Sun

The ANR has launched a specific program for supporting and promoting applications to European or more generally International projects. Magique-3D has been selected in 2016 after proposing a project to be applied as a FET project on the occasion of a call that will open in 2017 April. This project will gather researchers of the MPS , of the BSC, of the BCAM , of Heriot-Watt University and Inria teams.

ANR NonLocalDD

Magique 3-D is a partner of the ANR project entitled “Non Local Domain Decomposition Methods in Electromagnetics” that begins in october 2015. The aim of this project is to develop domain decomposition methods for the efficient solution of acoustics and Maxwell’s equation either with boundary integral equations or finite element volume method.

ANR Grants

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