Julien Diaz

INRIA Senior Research Scientist in the Project Team MAGIQUE-3D

email : julien.diaz@inria.fr
Tel : +33 5 40 17 51 57


I develop numerical schemes for the simulation of seismic wave propagation and I supervise in the implementation of the new schemes in the platform of Total.

These developments are achieved in collaboration with PhD students funded by Total in the framework of the strategic action “ Depth Imaging Partnership (DIP) ”. I am currently coadvising the PhD thesis of Pierre Jacquet (with H. Barucq). I was also coadvisor of the PhD theses of Marie Bonnasse-Gahot, defended in december 2015, Jérôme Luquel, defended in april 2015, Lionel Boillot defended in December 2014, Florent Ventimilgia, defended in June 2014n and Caroline Baldassari, defended in December 2009.

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