DRMSim: A Routing-Model Simulator for Large-Scale Networks

DRMSim architecture

by: Aurélien Lancin (COATI) and Dimitri Papadimitriou (Alcatel-Lucent Bell labs)
In ERCIM news 94, pp 31-32, July 2013

The expansion of Internet topology, which comprises thousands of Autonomous Systems (AS), has resulted in a number of important research challenges. The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), which is used to make core routing decisions on the Internet, starts to show its limitations in terms of the number of routing table entries it can store locally, update in a timely fashion and dynamically exchange. Because it is impractical to deploy newly designed routing protocols on the Internet a large-scale, simulation is an unavoidable step to validate their properties. However, the increasing routing information processing (CPU) and storage (memory) introduces similar challenges for the simulation of state-full routing. For this purpose, we introduce DRMSim a Dynamic Routing Model simulator of routing models on large-scale networks. (read more)