Games On Web 2020

Games on Web 2020

Games on Web 2020” is the 2nd edition of a competition organized by CGI (IT systems and software consulting firm) in partnership with MIAGE, Polytech Sophia and IUT Nice Côte d’Azur. It consists in programming a retro Web game on an imposed theme with the Babylon.js library. This year’s theme is “The Place To Be”.


Also: presentation by Sebastien Vandenberghe, main developer of BabylonJS — amphi A1 Polytech site lucioles — February 12, 2020.

Winner of the FHCP Challenge

FHCP Challenge Set

The team composed of Nathann Cohen (CNRS, LRI, Paris XI) and David Coudert won the Flinders Hamiltonian Cycle Problem (FHCP) Challenge organized by the Flinders Hamiltonian Cycle Project (Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia).

The challenge consisted in solving 1001 instances of the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem over a one year period (September 30 2015 till September 30 2016). The FHCP Challenge Set is a collection of 1001 instances of the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem, ranging in size from 66 vertices up to 9528 vertices, with an average size of just over 3000 vertices.

We were able to solve 985 instances!