Instructions pour les départs en mission

Instructions pour les départs en missions

  1. If justified, and some money is left on TAU budget, all your expenses can be covered (travel and subsistance, registration fees, etc).
  2. You discuss this with your supervisor, one of the permanent TAU staff.
  3. s.he tells you whether the money will come from LRI or from INRIA. Most of our budget comes from INRIA, so the following assumes this is the case (if from LRI, ask for specific instructions). This also means that all logins/password that will be asked refer to your INRIA login.
  4. wherever the funding comes from, do not buy the travel tickets yourself. Getting refunded might be difficult, and in any case will generate additional work for the assistants, who are already overloaded in these time of assistant shortage. Note that same holds for people you invite on our budget, though the tolerance is higher for external staff.
    Exception: it is almost impossible on Oreli to book some train or bus tickets abroad when you must take public transportation from the airport to the conference city. In such cases, you should buy this train/bus ticket yourself (by Internet, or directly there) and you will be refunded afterward (see Retours de Mission below).
  5. Once the place and dates are decided, you look for a plane or train ticket on (also available from INRIA Intranet in your private tools). It is a travel agency very similar to all internet travel brokers. You go through all steps and click on “Reserver”: the ticket is sent to Julienne and the team leader, and is hold for you during 2-3 days. Note that only an assistant can validate it for good and have the actual ticket sent to you – after you completed next step.
  6. New: if your mission is in France, you must now choose a hotel in Oreli too. The choice is a bit painful (difficulty to find out where exactly the proposed hotels are w.r.t. your activity venue), but this is how it is. For trips abroad, you can still (recommended) choose your hotel (or airbnb, or etc) the way you want, but of course you will need to provide a receipt with you name and Inria somewhere on it.
  7. you fill in the form on INRIA “Portail Mission”. WARNING: this site also appears in your tools on the intranet, BUT it requires an INRIA VPN to be granted access, that you most probably do not have installed. If so, you can nevertheless access the Portail Mission through the INRIA VPN Web at (direct link in the list to Portail Missions).
    1. Mes missions -> saisir une demande de mission
    2. motif de la mission: for a conference, give its name AND its URL – otherwise, describe the reason for the mission
    3. Lieu: type the first 3 (or more) characters of the name of the city, the full name should be proposed. Otherwise,  try again, because else it will not be recognized  :-(
    4. dates et heures – write the dates and times from Oreli (step 5 above). You can then enter the different segments of your trip (you can add segments at will)
    5. prise en charge budgétaire : Please enter what you would like to see reimbursed, in general, everything (voyage, séjour, inscription == travel, subsistance, registration), otherwise give details. Give the price of the trip according to Oreli, the rest will be computed upon return. But be careful, there are upper bounds to what can be reimbursed daily (and 5* hotels are way above these bounds). Do not worry about “destination budgétaire”, it will be chosen in a global optimization perspective.
    6. Click “Initialisez les trajets”, and fill in the fields accourding to Oreli.
    7. Click on “Enregistrez” – but this is not over yet. In particular, you can still modify everything, or come back later without having to retype everything (item “mes missions” in the Portail).
    8. When everything is OK, click on “Soumettre” : you’re done, except if you missed something
  8. Regarding hotels
  9. One assistant (“ours” when we have a dedicated one, a volunteer from the assistant pool otherwise) will validate the mission … or get bak to you in case of problem

Retours de mission

Once the trip is over, you must return to the Portail Missions page and fill in the “Retour mission” corresponding to your trip to trigger the refunding. You will have the opportunity to describe any change in the itinerary, how many hotel nights you spent and how many meals you paid for – but you must provide all receipts!

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