Industrial Bilateral Projects

Industrial Bilateral Projects (since 2018)

  • CIFRE RTE 2022-2025, related to Eva Boguslawski’s PhD: Decentralized Partially Observable Markov Decision Process for Power Grid Management
    Coordinator: Marc Schoenauer and Matthieu Dussartre (RTE)
    Participants: Eva Boguslawski, Alessandro Leite
  • CIFRE Ekimetrics 2022-2025, related to Audrey Poinsot’s PhD: Causal incertainty quantification under partial knowledge and low data regimes
    Coordinator: Marc Schoenauer and Nicolas Chesneau (Ekimetrics)
    Participants: Audrey Poinsot, Alessandro Leite, Guillaume Charpiat, Michèle Sebag
  • CIFRE MAIR (Meta AI Research) 2022-2025, related to Badr Youbi’s PhD: Learning invariant representations from temporal data
    Coordinator: Isabelle Guyon (now Michèle Sebag) and David Lopez-Paz (Meta)
    Participants: Badr Youbi
  • CIFRE MAIR (Meta AI Research) 2022-2025, related to Mathurin Videau’s PhD: Reinforcement Learning: Sparse Noisy Reward
    Coordinator: Marc Schoenauer and Olivier Teytaud (Meta)
    Participants: Alessandro Leite, Mathurin Videau
  • Fujitsu, 2021-2022, extended 2022-2023, Causal discovery in high dimensions
    Coordinator: Marc Schoenauer
    Participants: Shuyu Dong and Michèle Sebag
  • IFPEN (Institut Français du Pétrole Energies Nouvelles) 2019-2022, to hire Alessandro Bucci, Inria Starting Research Position (PhD + 4-6 years) to work on IFPEN critical topics.
    Coordinator: Marc Schoenauer
    Participants: Alessandro Bucci and Guillaume Charpiat
  • CIFRE Thalès Teresis 2018-2021, related to Nizam Makdoud’s PhD: Deep Reinforcement Learning Guided by Possibly Unreliable Advice
    Coordinator: Marc Schoenauer and Jérôme Kodjabatchian
    Participants: Nizam Makdoud
  • CIFRE RTE 2018-2021, related to Balthazar Donon’s PhD: Deep statistical solvers and Power Systems applications
    Coordinator: Isabelle Guyon and Antoine Marot (RTE)
    Participants: Balthazar Donon, Marc Schoenauer
  • CIFRE FAIR (Facebook AI Research) 2018-2021, related to Leonard Blier’s PhD: Sur certaines méthodes raisonnées pour l’apprentissage par renforcement profond
    Coordinator: Marc Schoenauer and Yann Olliver (Facebook)
    Participants: Guillaume Charpiat, Michèle Sebag, Léonard Blier
  • CIFRE Renault 2017-2020 related to Marc Nabhan’s PhD: Sûreté de fonctionnement d’un véhicule autonome – évaluation des fausses détections
    Coordinator: Marc Schoenauer and Hiba Hage (Renault)
    Participants: Marc Nabhan, Yves Tourbier (Renault)
  • Myndblue, 2017-2019: consulting activities with DMH (Digital for Mental Health). This “Affiliate” contract has been inspired by the Technion equivalent.
    Coordinator: Aurélien Decelle and Simon Moulieras (DMH)
    Participants: Michèle Sebag
  • La Fabrique de l’Industrie 2017-2018, related to quality of life at work
    Coordinator: Michèle Sebag and Thierry Weil (La Fabrique de l’Industrie)
    Participants: Olivier Goudet, Diviyan Kalainathan
  • POC Renault 2017-2018, Clusterisation et optimisation de scenarii pour la validation des véhicules autonomes
    Coordinator: Marc Schoenauer and Philippe Reynaud (Renault)
    Participants: Guillaume Charpiat, Raphaël Jaiswal (engineer), Marc Schoenauer
  • Force Ouvrière (Union) Organizing Platform Labor, 2017-2018.
    Coordinator: A.A. Casilli (Telecom ParisTech)
    Participants: Paola Tubaro
  • MSH Paris-Saclay Digital Platform Labor DiPLab 2017-2018.
    Coordinators: Paola Tubaro (with A.A. Casilli, Telecom ParisTech)
  • Google Zurich 2018, related to the AutoDL challenge
    Coordinator: Isabelle Guyon and Olivier Bousquet (Google)
    Participants: Zhengying Liu and Lisheng Sun
  • CIFRE RTE 2015-2018, related to Benjamin Donnot’s PhDDeep learning methods for predicting flows in power grids : novel architectures and algorithms
    Coordinator: Olivier Teytaud (then Isabelle Guyon), and Antoine Marot (RTE)
    Participants: Benjamin Donnot, Marc Schoenauer

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