Irene Vignon-Clementel

Directrice de recherche, Inria

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  • Address:

Office A321
Centre de Recherche Inria de Paris
2 rue Simone Iff
CS 42112
75589 Paris Cedex 12 (FRANCE)


Scientific interests

  • Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Methods
    • boundary conditions for physiological fluid dynamics (3D,1D)
    • multi-domain modeling & numerical methods for their coupling
    • model parametrization from real data (multi-level approach, data assimilation)
  • Modeling and inverse problem for dynamic imaging interpretation (DCE-US, DCE-MRI, …, ICG fluorescence)
  • Applications
    • congenital heart disease (single ventricle, ToF) & acquired disease (aneurysms, stenosis, etc)
    • treatment planning (Fontan surgeries, percutaneous valve reducer, liver surgery)
    • coronary circulation
    • airflow and particle deposition in health and disease
    • oncology application: interaction between vascularization & tumor development


PhD students (formal)

  • Omar Ali (2020-), U. Paris-Saclay (coadvisor: E Vibert )
  • Nicolas Golse (expected 2020), PhD student in medicine (ED de Cancérologie 582, coadvisors: E Vibert and S CottinApports de la modélisation anatomique et hémodynamique du foie dans l’anticipation, la réalisation et l’enseignement de la chirurgie hépatique.
  • Noémie Boissier (2018), Sorbonne U. (coadvisor: D DrasdoBlood perfusion modeling in tumors and liver. 
  • Nicolas Pozin (2017), Sorbonne U. (coadvisor: C GrandmontMultiscale lung ventilation modeling in health and disease. 
  • Chloé Audebert (2017), Sorbonne U. (coadvisor: JF GerbeauMathematical liver modelling: hemodynamics and function in hepatectomy. Prix de thèse AMIES 2018
  • Gregory Arbia (2014), Sorbonne U. (coadvisor: JF Gerbeau) Multiscale modeling of blood flow applied to congenital heart disease. Now at Sorin group.

PhD students (informal)

  • Florian Joly (2019), PhD student at U. Montreal, Canada. Advisors: C Kauffmann, G Soulez. Numerical Insights for AAA Growth Understanding and Predicting: Morphological and Hemodynamic Risk Assessment Features and Transient Coherent Structures Uncovering. Now postdoc in Inserm.
  • Stephanie Lindsey (2015), PhD student at Cornell University, USA. Advisor:  J Butcher.  Hemodynamic regulation of cardiac outflow morphogenesis. Now postdoc at Stanford U.
  • Mahdi Esmaily-Moghadam (2014), PhD student at UCSD, USA. Supervisor: A. Marsden. Development of multiscale modeling methods for clinical decision making in single ventricle heart patients. Now assistant professor at Cornell University, USA.
  • Jessica Oakes (2013), PhD student at UCSD, USA. Supervisors: C Darquenne (School of Medicine) and A. Marsden (School of Engineering). Aerosol Deposition in Healthy and Emphysematous Rat Lungs: Insights From MRI Measurements and Computational Simulations. Now Assistant Professor at Northeastern U., USA.
  • Weiguang Yang (2012), PhD student at UCSD, USA. Supervisor: A. Marsden. Surgical design for the Fontan procedure using computational fluid dynamics and derivative-free optimization. Now research fellow at Stanford U.
  • Nick Jagiella (2012), PhD student at UPMC/U. of Leipzig. Supervisor: D DrasdoParametrisation of lattice-based tumor models from data. Now at Advanced RealTime Tracking Gmbh.
  • Rashmi Raghu (2011), PhD student at Stanford University, USA of C Taylor. Computational models of blood flow in deformable arteries including viscoelasticity. Now at Pivotal Inc.
  • H.J. Kim (2009), PhD student at Stanford University, USA of C Taylor.  3D finite-element modeling of blood flow in the coronary arteries. Now at Heartflow.

Editorial activity

Grants and Awards


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