Team presentation

REO project-team is working on the numerical simulation of biological flows and cardiac electrophysiology. Its main objectives are:

  • the modeling of blood flow in large vessels, air flow in the respiratory tract, and the cardiac electrophysiology
  • the design and the analysis of efficient and robust numerical methods for these problems
  • the development of numerical software to help for medical decisions and the improvement of existing medical devices

The team is bi-located at the Inria Research Center of Paris and the Jacques-Louis Lions laboratory of Sorbonne Université. It is made of about 20 people, including 8 permanent researchers (5 from Inria, 1 from CNRS, 2 assistant-professors from Sorbonne Université)

Research themes

Direct and inverse modeling and computational methods for

  • fluid-structure interaction problems: interaction blood / arteries or cardiac valves
  • cardiac electrophysiology and electromechanical coupling
  • aerosol deposition in the respiratory tract

Keywords: Scientific computing, Numerical analysis, Computational biomechanics , Cardiovascular system , Cardiac electrophysiology, Respiratory system , Fluid-structure interaction

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