The REO project-team no longer exists, as its members went to create new teams or took on new responsibilities.

Former team presentation

The team was working on the numerical simulation of biological flows and cardiac electrophysiology. Its main objectives were:

  • the modeling of blood flow in large vessels, air flow in the respiratory tract, and the cardiac electrophysiology
  • the design and the analysis of efficient and robust numerical methods for these problems
  • the development of numerical software to help for medical decisions and the improvement of existing medical devices

The team was bi-located at the Inria Research Center of Paris and the Jacques-Louis Lions laboratory of Sorbonne Université. It was made of about 20 people, including 8 permanent researchers (5 from Inria, 1 from CNRS, 2 assistant-professors from Sorbonne Université)

Research themes

Direct and inverse modeling and computational methods for

  • fluid-structure interaction problems: interaction blood / arteries or cardiac valves
  • cardiac electrophysiology and electromechanical coupling
  • aerosol deposition in the respiratory tract

Keywords: Scientific computing, Numerical analysis, Computational biomechanics , Cardiovascular system , Cardiac electrophysiology, Respiratory system , Fluid-structure interaction

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