Industrial collaborations

  • On-going collaborations:
  • Coordinators: C. Grandmont and I. Vignon-Clémentel
    Coordinator: J-F. Gerbeau
    Coordinator: J-F. Gerbeau
    Coordinator: J-F. Gerbeau
    Coordinator: J-F. Gerbeau
  • Past collaborations:
  • Coordinator: J-F. Gerbeau
    Coordinator: I. Vignon-Clémentel
    Coordinator: J-F. Gerbeau

International projects

  • On-going grants:
    • European project FP7-ITN Revammad (retinal images for vascular modelling). Local coordinator: J-F. Gerbeau
    • Transatlantic Leducq grant (congenital heart desease). Local coordinator: I. Vignon-Clémentel
  • Past grants:
    • INRIA Associated team “cardio” with CVBRL, Stanford (computational hemodynamics). Coordinator: I. Vignon-Clémentel.
    • European project FP7-IP euHeart (personalized modeling of the heart). Local coordinator: J-F. Gerbeau
    • European project FP5-RTN Haemodel. Local coordinateur: J-F. Gerbeau
    • France-Canada-Taiwan INRIA associated team. Coordinator: M. Thiriet

National projects

  • On-going grants:
    • ANR LabCom CardioXcomp (electrophysiology). Coordinator: J-F. Gerbeau
    • ANR project iFlow (liver hemodynamics). Coordinator: I. Vignon-Clémentel
    • ANR project “EXIFSI” (fluid-structure interaction). Coordinator: M.A. Fernández
  • Past grants:
    • ANR project “M3RS” (respiration modeling). Coordinator: C. Grandmont
    • ANR project “Endocom” (medical device for aneurysms). Local coordinator: J-F Gerbeau
    • ANR project “Pitac” (parallel in time algorithm). Local coordinator: M.A. Fernández
    • INRIA Large Initiative Action CardioSense3D. Local coordinator : M.A. Fernández

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