• INRIA Fête de la Science 2020
  • C. Bertoglio was awarded the “Best PhD thesis prize 2013” in “Mathematics and its interaction” by the Airbus Foundation (former EADS). On that occasion, the Airbus Foundation made this movie:
    English version
    Version française
  • AFP press dispatch, 2011

    Article (PDF)

  • Special issue of “Paris Science Park – Paris Developement”, 2008

    Interview on the work of REO on “Cardiovascular Modeling and Simulation” in the health special issue of June 2008 of Paris Science Park.

    Article (PDF 1.7 Mo)
    Paris Developpement
  • Newspaper “Les Echos”, 2007

    Article by journalist Catherine Ducruet in the “Innovation” section of Les Echos on biology and medicine at INRIA, interviewing among others the team REO.

    Article (PDF)
  • Newspaper “La Tribune”, 2006
    Article (PDF)


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