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Dates : 2012 – 2016                   Funded : European Research Council           Identifier: ERC-StG-2011-277906

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Postdoc positions in Graph Signal Processing / Dimension Reduction / Compressive Learning

The PANAMA team is welcoming applications from highly qualified candidates for postdoctoral positions in the context of the project PLEASE (Projection, Learning and Sparsity for Efficient data processing).

The PLEASE project gathers a small research group to explore the frontiers of Signal Processing and Machine Learning under the auspices of sparsity and low-dimensional projections. With its task force of graduate students and postdocs with different scientific backgrounds, and its program of international visitors, PLEASE develops the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of new ways to acquire, analyze and process the information content of complex data, streams and collections.

The investigations within the PLEASE project put a special focus on the theoretical foundations of compressive statistical learning, the mathematical analysis of provably good and efficient dictionary learning, and the investigation of the emerging field of graph signal processing. The recruited postdocs are expected to contribute to these objectives by proposing new approaches with solid underpinning mathematics, demonstrating their impact on selected applications, and disseminating them through software.

The recruited postdocs will conduct a vigorous research program within the scope of the project, and are expected to show independence and team working attitude at the same time. The successful candidates, which can come from different areas (applied mathematics and statistics, signal processing, machine learning, information theory, computer science) are expected to bring their expertise to the PLEASE task force and will be encouraged to develop collaborations within the PANAMA team (audio signal processing) as well as with other groups at IRISA / Inria Rennes. The positions are endowed with travel, computing, and experimental resources.

To apply: applicants are requested to send a detailed CV, a list of publications and a brief statement of research interests. This material, together with two letters of reference, shall be sent to (cc:

Permanent Researchers



  • Gilles Puy
  • Yann Traonmillin

PhD students

  • Srđan Kitić
  • Luc Le Magoarou
  • Nicolas Keriven
  • Clément Gaultier


  • Thomas Gautrais
  • Nicolas Bellot

Former Members