PANAMA is regularly involved in a number of collaborative projects with academic and/or industrial partners.

Current and recent projects are briefly described here (NB: use the drop-down menu to access the list of projects).

Protected: Music Recomposition

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ERC PLEASE: Compressive Learning & More

Dates : 2012 – 2016 Funded : European Research Council Identifier: ERC-StG-2011-277906 Project Summary              Project Publications             Project Members Projection, Learning, and Sparsity for Efficient data processing. Sparse models are at the core of many research domains where the large amount and high-dimensionality of digital data …

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(Français) S-POD

S-POD Dates : août 2012 – novembre 2016   Description du projet Assistance à personnes en danger potentiel Participants. Frédéric Bimbot Le projet S-POD est un projet rassemblant des équipes de recherches et des partenaires industriels visant à mettre en place un dispositif de traitement et de fusion de données sonores, physiologiques et contextuelles afin de concevoir un …

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Flexible Audio Source Separation Toolbox (FASST)

FASST Dates : 2011-2014 Funded : Inria Website : Description of the project FASST is a Flexible Audio Source Separation Toolbox in Matlab, designed to speed up the conception and automate the implementation of new model-based audio source separation algorithms. Based on a local-Gaussian modelling of sound sources and exploiting spatial and spectral cues …

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Structural description for La Teva Decisió

Music structure description & estimation

Music structure description & estimation Dates : 2009 – 2015 Funded : Internal + MESR + Quaero This research area focuses on three main topics : Automatic music data collection Mining the web for relating music data from various sources (audio, leadsheets, scores, chords, lyrics, etc…) Musical data matching and creation of a large database …

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Collaboration with Studio Maia

Collaboration with Studio Maia Dates : December 2011 – June 2014 Funded : Studio Maia Website : Illustration for the project Objectives This contract aims at transfering some of the research done within METISS / PANAMA towards new services provided by Maïa Studio. More specifically, the main objective is to adapt source separation algorithms …

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Collaboration with Canon Research France SAS

Collaboration with Canon Dates : December 2011-June 2013 Description of the project. This contract aims at applying some of the research of Metiss / Panama to some of the products developed by Canon Inc. Participants. Nancy Bertin, Frédéric Bimbot, Joachim Thiemann, Emmanuel Vincent.

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I3DMUSIC: Separate & Spatialize

Dates : October 2010 – September 2013 Funded : Oseo Eureka-Eurostars Website : I3Dmusic is a collaborative project between Inria Rennes, the EPFL, Audionamix and Sonic Emotion. It aims to develop a DJing system that can be used in night clubs to separate in real time voices from the other instruments in commercial recordings …

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ANR ECHANGE: Acoustic Compressive Sensing

Dates : January 2009 – November 2012 Funded : ANR (ANR-08-EMER-006) Website :   Acoustic holography of a guitar giving the vibrational modes at different frequencies  ECHANGE aimed at developping a theoretical and usable framework for the use of Compressed Sensing applied to acoustic fields. One of the objective of the project was to …

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SMALL: Sparse Models & Algorithms for Large-Scale Learning

Dates : February 2009-July 2012 Funded : EU FP7 FET-open Website :   Audio Inpainting : a framework to restore corrupted data  SMALL explored adaptive sparse structured representations for signal processing. Among the outcome of the project we can identify : -the SMALLbox, a MATLAB toolbox to evaluate state-of-the art sparse decompostion algorithms ; …

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Dates : 2008-december 2013 Funded : Website : QUAERO is a research and development program that aims at developing technologies for automatic analysis and classification of multimedia and multilingual documents. Panama team participes to the Quaero project through two tasks : (i) the “audio segmentation, analysis and classification” task where we focus on the …

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Rev-TV: Multimodal Avatars

Rev-TV Dates : February 2010 – April 2012 Funded : FUI Website : Fund Pôle Images & Réseaux aims at associating industrial and research partners from Bretagne and Pays de Loire to form a worldwide-scale pool of research, innovation and development. The joint view shared by all partners is to revolutionize the habit with …

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