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As team PANAMA, we believe in a research environment that is not only intellectually but also socially stimulating. Having members with diverse research and cultural backgrounds, we always look forward to having new members and visitors throughout the year. Current openings in our team can be found below:

  • Internships:

    We welcome each year a number of interns (mostly Master 2 level). Examples of possible topics are given below, contact us if you have a particular project for your internship.

      • Music on graphs

        Exploiting similarities within a piece of music and analogies between pieces to generate new musical compositions

        • possible followup: Ph.D. to develop a new generation of algorithms and interfaces to infer and transform musical structure
        • contact: Frédéric BIMBOT, Nancy BERTIN
      • Virtual acoustic tour

        Exploiting the geometry  of an acoustic scene to generate new content from a recording by simulating movements of the listener within the scene

        • possible followup: Ph.D. to develop a new family of approaches and formats to sense and render 3D acoustic scenes
        • contact: Nancy BERTIN, Rémi GRIBONVAL
      • Distilled audio content – sketched learning

        Exploiting random projections to distill a piece of music or a musical library to a small fingerprint of few (kilo)bytes

        • possible followup: Ph.D. to develop learning and indexing techniques for classification and robust similarity queries within large multimedia collections
      • Learning-based sound source separation

        Combining learned models of phase and magnitude to separate sounds from multi-microphone recordings.

        • possible followup: Ph.D. thesis on Bilinear Inverse Problems for Audio Signal Enhancement

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