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RDFViewS: View Selection in Semantic Web Databases

Who is this for ?

  • Database administrators who need an easy way to fine-tune RDF databases
  • RDF applications end-users who need fast access to the semantic web on a day-to-day basis

How does it work ?

  • RDFViewS analyses workloads and RDF schemas to look for the best views to materialize
  • It uses various parameters as well as some heuristics to find configurations which minimize the need formaintenance while reducing query evaluation cost

What does it look like ?

  • RDFViewS is implemented in Java
  • It currently supports Postgresql 8.4 as a database back-end
  • Some visualization options are also available, provided you have GraphViz installed

rdfvs system




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RDFViewS Experiments

Note: You need an SVG-enabled browser to view the following pages. Cost reduction for various strategies The following table shows cost reduction curves over time for various strategies (DFS-AVF-STV, GSTR-AVF-STV, Heuristic). Search times were limited to 3h, however charts have been generated at various granularities (1 min, 5 min, 1h, 3h). We used synthetic workloads …

RDFViewS Screenshots