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WaRG: Warehousing RDF Graphs

WaRG is a warehouse-style analytics platform on RDF graphs. The tool stores data in kdb+ with a Java frontend based on the Prefuse Visualization toolkit.

The novelty of WaRG is to redesign the full stack of Data Warehouse abstractions and tools for heterogeneous, semantics-rich RDF data; this enables a WaRG RDF DW to be an RDF graph itself, heterogeneous and semantics-rich in its turn. Thus, WaRG benefits both from powerful analytics and the rich interoperability and semantic features of Semantic Web databases.



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We present below scenarios for rendering WaRG on two sample Analytical Schemas.

  •     Example One:- We present below an abridged version of Person schema adapted from DBpedia. The schema  holds data concerning persons connected to the software industry. For instance, a dbpo:Person=Anon working in dbpo:Organisation=Scroogle is a dbpo:creator of dbpo:software=Scrooge.

smallDemoBDA_2smallDemoBDA_3 smallDemoBDA_4 smallDemoBDA_5

  •    Example Two:- The schema below holds more information about a Person than in Example 1. Here, dbpo:Person is  more generic in the sense that the Person instances reflected, do not have to belong to a single industry as was the case above. Sample tuples here can state, for instance, that dbpo:Person=Anne has the dbpo:EthnicGroup=French, is from dbpo:PopulatedPlace=Amiens, is associated with dbpo:EducationalInstitution=UniversiteParisSud and is rewarded with dbpo:Award=ACMTuring2013.

bigDemoBDA_2 bigDemoBDA_3 bigDemoBDA_4 bigDemoBDA_5

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