European Initiatives

ICT Labs “Europa”

Dario Colazzo, François Goasdoué and Ioana Manolescu participate to this 2012-2013 activity lead by Volker Markl from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. The activity is part of the “Cloud Computing” action line. Within Europa, we will work closely with the TU Berlin and SICS partners to devise efficient indexing models for complex data in a cloud environment, as well as compilers for higher-level data models (in particular, Web data) towards efficient parallel processing on the TU Berlin platform.

ICT Labs “DataBridges: Data Integration for Digital Cities”

leads this activity in 2011-2012 within the “Digital Cities of the Future” action line of the EIT ICT Labs KIC; Université de Paris Sud also participates, as well as Alcatel and DataPublica from France. Our foreign partners include the Technical University of Delft, the DFKI (Germany), Aalto University and the KTH. Within DataBridges, we work on the interoperability, enrichment and personalization of data, e.g. data on the cultural activities within a city, based on user profiles; a separate thread of work focuses on efficient techniques for RDF data management. More…

ICT Labs “Clouds for Connected Cities”

Dario Colazzo, François Goasdoué and Ioana Manolescu participated to this 2011 activity led by D. Zeghlache from Telecom SudParis, within the “Digital Cities of the Future” action line.

National Initiatives


We participate to the national “Datalyse” project financed within the “Investissement d’Avenir” call “Cloud & Big Data 2012”. The project has started in May 2013.
The goal of Datalyse is to provide models, algorithms and tools for Big Data Analytics applications. The project will be built taking into account three use cases, respectively, on Open Data analytics, retail data analysis (including an analysis of social network data referring to retail products), and monitoring data (for security, energy consumption etc.) collected in a data center. Datalyse will provide a a conceptual perspectives, and a library of software primitives based on these concepts, for storing, indexing, analyzing and refining various classes of “Big Data”. Thus, Datalyse results will enable easy and flexible construction of scalable Big Data analytics.

Regional initiatives

Digiteo DW4RDF project

DW4RDF is a Digiteo DIM project focused on efficient tools for warehousing Semantic Web data, in particular under the form of RDF. We aim at developing models, languages and algorithms for OLAP-style analysis of RDF data, taking into its heterogeneity, its lack of a strict structure, and its rich semantics.

Sample recent former projects


Codex was a research project supported by the ANR Domaines Emergents call (2009-2012), coordinated by I. Manolescu. The project involves INRIA Lille (Mostrare) and Grenoble (WAM) as well as the Universities of Blois, Paris-Sud, Paris 7, and a start-up. Our work carried on within CODEX in 2010 was related to: the efficient management of XML document carrying RDF annotations, scaling up the ViP2P XML data management platform, maintenance of materialized XML views and efficient evaluation of XML queries and updates.

ANR Dataring

The DataRing project (2008-2012) led by INRIA-Sophia (Patrick Valduriez) includes also U. Grenoble (Marie-Christine Rousset) and Telecom-ParisTech (Pierre Senellart). The project addresses the problem of P2P data sharing for online communities, by offering a high-level network ring across distributed data source owners. The DataRing work carried within Leo encompasses the LiquidXML work on adaptive P2P content redistribution.

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