Florian Faucher — Research Areas

email : florian.faucher@inria.fr
Tel : +33 5 40 17 51 54

Florian Faucher is now at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Vienna, see his personal webpage: 

My research interest focuses on computational inverse problems for the identification of physical parameters, using mathematical tools to design efficient algorithms, in particular, for subsurface Earth imaging with the Full-Waveform Inversion (FWI) method. FWI relies on an iterative minimization of the difference between surface measurements and wave simulations to reconstruct the subsurface physical parameters.
I also develop High Performance Computing software for the time-harmonic inverse wave problem, using mpi and OpenMP parallelism.

For the list of publications, see https://team.inria.fr/magique3d/team-members/florian-faucher/publications/.
For my CV, see https://team.inria.fr/magique3d/team-members/florian-faucher/cv/

Time-harmonic Inverse Wave problems using quantitative methods

  • Convergence analysis of least-squares minimization problems.
  • Conditional stability for the inverse boundary value problem.
  • Subsurface reconstruction using the Full-Waveform Inversion method.
  • Reciprocity Waveform Inversion for dual-sensor data.
  • Large-scale optimization algorithms and implementation.
  • Efficient model parametrization.
  • Consideration of acoustic, elastic and TTI media with attenuation.
  • High-Performance Computing.
  • Inverse scattering for obstacle reconstruction.


  • Atmospheric conditions

Forward problem

  • Hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin method for discretization.

Software development

  • I am currently developing an open-source toolbox for quantitative time-harmonic inverse problems, using Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin discretization with mpi and OpenMP parallelism.  Contact me for the latest updates.
  • ffwi: software developed in the Depth Imaging Partnership between Inria and Total E&P. It uses the Full Waveform Inversion method for seismic imaging with time-harmonic waves (acoustic, elastic, TTI); currently deployed by Total E&P in Houston.

Illustration of subsurface reconstruction


vp_start vs_start

Initial P and S wavespeeds, none of the structures are initially known.

vp_reconstruction vs_reconstruction

Reconstructed P and S wavespeeds

vp_true vs_true

True models for P and S wavespeeds (Marmousi II elastic medium)

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