Augustin Ernoult


Post-doctorant in Inria MAGIQUE-3D team
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Centre Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest
200 avenue de la vieille Tour
33405 Talence cedex


Aero-acoustic sound source in flute-like instrument

A square organ pipe (30cm long, 4cm² cross section) is blown with CO2. Here only the active part is visualized. The difference of the refractive index with the ambient air, give us the possibility to observe the flow with schlieren photographies. The pipe walls around the edge are replace by glass slides, allowing the visualization of the jet-edge interaction (c.f. this article for more information). The target flow velocity is 20m/s. The jet oscillation start, after few milliseconds, at a frequency around 1000Hz, then, the fundamental frequency of the pipe, around 500Hz, grows until to manage the oscillation.

Flow visualization of the attack transient of organ pipe by Schlieren photography.



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