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Secured replication in peer-to-peer collaborative systems – PhD Defense Victorien Elvinger

A collaborative application allows multiple users to edit a shared content. Collaborative peer-to-peer environments aim to design applications with desirable properties: high-availability, low-latency, fault-tolerance, and scalability. Every peer (user) modifies her own copy of the content. Concurrent modifications of the copies lead to their divergence. Replication protocols are responsible for the convergence of copies. These …

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PhD Defense 14-1-2020 – Hoai Le Nguyen – Étude des conflits dans l’édition collaborative

Collaborative Editing (CE) has long captured the attention of Computer-supported-cooperative work (CSCW) researchers. Early researches about CE (in the 1990s and the early 2000) focused on describing different characteristics of CE based on interviewing people who had participated in some CE projects. Some recent researches about CE started analyzing the logs of CE activities to …

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PhD Defense 12-1-2020 : Quentin Laporte-Chabasse – Étude morpho-statistique des réseaux sociaux. Application aux collaborations inter-organisationnelles.

  Decentralised collaborative applications address privacy, availability and security issues related to centralised collaborative platforms. Such applications are based on a peer-to-peer communication paradigm according to which all users are directly connected to one another. Collaborations tend to widen and spread beyond the borders of organisations. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to guarantee to …

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ICSOC 2018 paper presentation by Guillaume Rosinosky

A Genetic Algorithm for Cost-Aware Business Processes Execution in the Cloud

Presentation by Beatrice Linot – Trust in Computer-Supported Crisis Management Communication 9/2/2018

Title: Trust in Computer-Supported Crisis Management Communication Speaker: Béatrice Linot, Laboratoire INTERPSY (Psychologie des Interactions et des Relations Inter-subjective – EA 4432), Université de Lorraine, LORIA Abstract: Communication issues arise in sociotechnical systems despite functioning communication equipment, generally attributed to the absence of information sharing. Computer scientists envision a giant virtual display accessible to all, …

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Vinh Dang Quang defended his PhD : Trust assessment in large-scale collaboration

Committee: Rapporteurs : – Wolfgang Prinz Professeur, RWTH Aachen, Allemagne – Sihem Amer-Yahia Directeur de Recherche, LIG-CNRS, Grenoble Examinateurs : – Isabelle Chrisment Professeur, Université de Lorraine, LORIA – Lionel Brunie Professeur, Insa Lyon Directeurs : – Francois Charoy Professeur, Université de Lorraine, LORIA – Claudia Ignat Chargée de Recherche, Inria Nancy-Grand Est, LORIA Abstract: …

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The Coast Team at EDOC 2017

Amina Ahmed Nacer presented her paper at the EDOC 2017 Conference A Metric for Evaluating the Privacy level of a Business Process Know-How in a Multi-Cloud Deployment

The Coast Team at BPM 2017

Guillaume Rosinosky presented his paper Efficient Migration-Aware Algorithms for Elastic BPMaaS at the BPM Conference

The Coast Team at ECSCW 2017 – August 2017

ECSCW 2017 was in Sheffield this year before coming to Nancy next year We went there to present our demo on MUTE supporting network partitionning. MUTE: A Peer-to-Peer Web-based Real-time Collaborative Editor

Visit of Valerie Shalin from Wright State University – June 2017

Valerie Shalin is back in the Coast team for a month as part of our Inria Associate Team to collaborate with us on Trust and Collaboration