Presentation by Beatrice Linot – Trust in Computer-Supported Crisis Management Communication 9/2/2018

Title: Trust in Computer-Supported Crisis Management Communication
Speaker: Béatrice Linot, Laboratoire INTERPSY (Psychologie des
Interactions et des Relations Inter-subjective – EA 4432), Université de
Lorraine, LORIA

Communication issues arise in sociotechnical systems despite functioning
communication equipment, generally attributed to the absence of
information sharing. Computer scientists envision a giant virtual
display accessible to all, but little thought has gone into the
principles for selecting, formatting and organizing content to make it
useful. I argue that a model of communication, in which trust is a
central construct, is key to the design of computer-supported crisis
management communication. Drawing on documentation of the Deepwater
Horizon Accident in 2010, I distinguish between data and information,
illustrate the role of trust in both the data interpretation problem,
and the exchange of information between workers with different
responsibilities. To assure that information is trustworthy, successful
computer support for crisis management communication will need to
situate information in the context of prior action and the ongoing plan,
provide information pedigree to establish its validity and manage the
potential decay of information validity over time.