Current projects

  • Abstra:  compact, user-tailored abstractions of structured and semi-structured data
  • BigFastData: Unified Big and Fast Data Analysis through Integrated Algorithm Design
  • ConnectionLens: finding connections across heterogeneous data sources
  • ConnectionStudio: help data-journalists to process, connect and understand their data
  • ContentCheck (ANR project): models, algorithms and tools for algorithmic fact-checking
  • Dagger: digging for interesting aggregates in RDF graphs
  • IDEAA: Issue-Driven European Arena Analytics
  • OntoSQL: RDF storage, querying and reasoning, on a relational database back-end
  • PathWays: entity-oriented path exploration in heterogeneous data graphs
  • RDFQuotient: compact summarization of heterogeneous RDF graphs
  • SourcesSay (AI Chair funded by ANR and DGA, 2020-2024): Intelligent Data Analysis and Interconnection in Digital Arenas
  • StatCheck: automated detection and verification of statistic claims
  • Tatooine: a mediator for querying heterogeneous data

Past projects

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