ContentCheck: Models, Algorithms and Tools for Data Journalism and Journalistic Fact-Checking

Fact-checking is the task of assessing the factual accuracy of claims, typically prior to publication. Modern fact-checking is faced with a triple revolution in terms of scale, complexity, and visibility, as claims and background knowledge are increasingly digital.
ContentCheck brings together experts in data management, natural language processing, automated reasoning and data mining from Inria, LIMSI/CNRS and U. Paris Saclay, U. Rennes 1, U. Lyon 1, and the fact-checking team “Les Décodeurs” from Le Monde, the leading  French national newspaper. We work to establish fact-checking as a data management problem, endow it with sound foundations, design and deploy novel algorithms for automating fact-checking, and validate them by close interaction with the journalists.

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  • Fifth project meeting: Jun 25, 2018 @ Télécom ParisTech
    • Les Décodeurs presented their progress
    • Progress on various projects:
      • Flashpoints: Mining exceptional pairwise behavior in vote datasets, Adnene Belfodil, Philippe Lamarre, Marc Plantevit, Sylvie Cazalens
      • Searching for truth in a database of statistics: new updates and ongoing work (Tien Duc Cao, Ioana Manolescu, Xavier Tannier)
      • Vers un système simple d’extraction de données (Hugo, Ioana Manolescu, Xavier Tannier)
      • Recherche par mots clé dans un corpus hétérogène (Minh Huong Le Nguyen, Camille Chanial, Rédouane Dziri, Helena Galhardas, Julien Leblay and Ioana)
      • Inférence de points de vue,  (Ludivine Duroyon, François Goasdoué, Ioana Manolescu)
  • Fourth project meeting: Nov 13, 2017 @ Le Monde
  • Cedar — Le Monde — LIMSI meeting: Aug 28, 2017 @Skype meeting
  • Cedar — Le Monde — LIMSI meeting: Jun 28, 2017 @ Le Monde
  • Cedar — Le Monde — LIMSI meeting: Apr 11, 2017 @ Le Monde
  • Third project meeting: Mar 07, 2017 @ Le Monde
  • CEDAR — Le Monde — LIMSI meeting: Nov 11, 2016 @ Skype meeting
  • CEDAR — Le Monde — LIMSI meeting: Oct 11, 2016 @ Skype meeting
  • CEDAR — Le Monde — LIMSI meeting: Oct 18, 2016 @ Skype meeting
  • CEDAR — Le Monde — LIMSI meeting: Sep 27, 2016 @ Le Monde
  • Second project meeting: July 5, 2016 @ Le Monde
    • Presentation of “Creation, Visualization and Edition of Timelines for Journalistic Use” by Xavier Tannier and Frédéric Vernier
    • Presentation of “Towards Automatic Topic Assignment for News Articles” by Tien-Duc Cao, Ioana Manolescu and Xavier Tannier
    • (Brief) presentation of “Tatooine, a lightweight integration architecture for data journalism” by Raphaël Bonaque, Tien Cao, Bogdan Cautis, François Goasdoué, Javier Letelier, Ioana Manolescu, Oscar Mendoza, Swen Ribeiro, Xavier Tannier, Michaël Thomazo
    • Discussion on fact-checking procedures and datasets
  • CEDAR — Le Monde — LIMSI meeting: May 30, 2016 @ INRIA, Palaiseau
  • First project meeting: January 29, 2016 @ Le Monde in Paris



  • INRIA – CEDAR team: models, languages, and efficient database techniques for complex, semantic-rich data

    Raphaël Bonaque, Bogdan Cautis, Ioana Manolescu, Oscar Mendoza, Swen Ribeiro, Michaël Thomazo

  • IRISA, Université de Rennes 1 – SHAMAN team:  automated reasoning, representing and querying knowledge, and integrating heterogeneous information sources

    François Goasdoué

  • LIMSI, CNRS – ILES team: natural language processing, information retrieval and extraction, event extraction and information

    Xavier Tannier, Brigitte Grau, Patrick Paroubek

  • LIRIS, CNRS – DB & DM2L teams: data management and mining, in particular declarative and logical approaches, query evaluation, heterogeneous data integration in large-scale distributed systems, and constraint-based pattern mining in particular for spatio-temporal data

    Philippe Lamarre, Sylvie Cazalens, J.-Marc Petit, Marc Plantevit, Céline Robardet

  • Le Monde, Les Décodeurs: major leading French newspaper and fact-checking pioneer in the French news industry; provides application knowledge, helps define a typology of needs, builds a reference set for evaluation, and proof-tests the ideas and tools produced by the project

    Samuel Laurent, Aline Rouyer, Ludovic Werwinski

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