Job openings in CEDAR

PhDs and Engineers

Currently the following PhD positions are open:

Some of the most recent PhD positions on which we have hired candidates are:

Engineer positions are typically Inria-sponsored.  Engineers work in par with permanent members and PhD students and are paid competitive salaries.


Every year, we hire a few strong, hard-working students for a period of 4-6 months (typically March to August, other intervals are also possible) on hot data science and data analytics topics. Successful M2 interns often continue as PhD students in the group.

Other Recrutement Information

To join our team as a post-doc, PhD student, engineer or intern, contact the team member(s) you think would be interested.

To work in our team, you would need to join one among the following three employers:

To recruit permanent members (researchers or professors), national French competitions are held every year. Typically to join CNRS in October of year N, you need to have an application file by December of the year N-1, whereas for INRIA you will need it in February of year N, and for the Polytechnique, you will need it by March of year N.

It is crucial that you contact permanent team members well before applying for a permanent position, to get up-to-date information on the team perspectives and to optimize your chances.

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