Job offers


PhD Fellowship

  • 2017: Multimodal Neurofeedback using Real-Time EEG-MRI for Brain Rehabilitation (Position Description)

(PDF, 191KB)

Post-doctoral Fellowship

  • 2017: R&D Position for NeuroFeedback and Brain Rehabilitation on EEG and fMRI (Position Description)

(PDF, 249KB)

  • 2016: Detection and segmentation framework for multiple sclerosis lesions: Application to a large clinical multi-centric database (Position description)

  • 2016: Study of morphological and perfusional predictive imaging biomarkers in depressive disorders (position description)

Master/Engineers Interships

  • 2017: Méthode de segmentation de la moelle épinière à partir de séquences IRM (position description)

Research Engineer Positions

  • OFSEP and Inria Rennes are opening a one-year engineer position on semantic web and data base (see position description)

  • France Life Imaging (FLI) – Information Analysis and Management (IAM) node

    • 3 engineering position, including 2 in Rennes, currently open to form a nationwide development team ( You will find the job profile on the corresponding FLI-IAM website…