Job offers


Offers come and go. We are always looking for talented students, post-docs and engineers. Even if this list is empty, do not hesitate to contact us about positions at this page.

PhD fellowships

  • Currently no offer.

Post-doctoral fellowships

  • 2020: Tractography and connectivity analysis from advanced diffusion MRI for early depression diagnosis and characterization – 20 months period from october 2020 – Job offer summary. Please apply here.

Master/Engineers internships

  • 2021: IRM de diffusion et relaxométrie : vers une utilisation combinée – 6 months from around march 2021 – descriptif PDF.
  • 2021: Méthodes multi-atlas pour l’analyse de formes anatomiques basées déformations – 6 months from around march 2021 – descriptif PDF.
  • 2021: Neurofeedback bi-modal : prédiction des scores neurofeedback IRMf à partir les signaux EEG seuls, par apprentissage automatique – 6 months from around march 2021 – descriptif PDF. (pourvu)
  • 2021: IRM fonctionnelle : combien de participants faut-il pour réaliser une mesure robuste ? descriptif PDF (pourvu)

Research engineer positions

  • Currently no offer.

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