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Jean-Dominique Favreau: Stochastic approaches for Vector Graphics

Jean-Dominique will give a talk on Friday 26th of January from 10:30 to 11:30 in Byron Beige Title: stochastic approaches for vector graphics Abstract: I will present a method to create vector cliparts from photographs. Our approach aims at reproducing two key properties of cliparts: they should be easily editable, and they should represent image content in …

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Michael Wand: Building Blocks for Shape Analysis and Synthesis

Seminar by Michael Wand on October 1 (Wednesday) at 10am in room Byron Beige Title: Building Blocks for Shape Analysis and Synthesis Abstract: In this talk, I would like to talk about some recent work in which we decompose geometry into elementary building blocks and subsequently reassemble these to create shape variations. The first step is to look at …

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Konrad Schindler: Piecewise rigid 3D scene flow

Seminar by Konrad Schindler on September 30 (Tuesday) at 11am   Title:Piecewise rigid 3D scene flow   Abstract: I will present recent work on dense 3D scene flow estimation from stereo video of dynamic environments. The proposed method estimates the depth and 3D motion field of a dynamic scene from multiple consecutive frames in a sliding …

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An Integrated 4D Vision and Visualization System

Seminar given by Csaba Benedek on January 23, 2014 (2pm-3pm, Byron Beige) Abstract: In this talk, we introduce a system for generating 4D video flows from large dynamic scenes by integrating two different types of data: outdoor 4D point sequences measured by a rotating LIDAR sensor, and 4D models of moving actors obtained in a …

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Computational Design Tools for Smart Model Synthesis

by Niloy Mitra (UCL) Wednesday October 16th at 2pm in Byron blanc Recent times has seen an explosion of 3D content, either acquired using scanners or synthesized using modeling tools. Such growing model collections necessitate the development of algorithms to analyze, explore, organize, and synthesize such massive collections. In this talk, I will talk about methods both in terms of model analysis and structure-aware synthesis. …

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