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Oct 09

Master internship: Using deep learning to pansharpen satellite images

Context: The latest generation of satellite-based imaging sensors (Pleiades, Sentinel, etc.) acquires big volumes of Earth’s images with high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution (up to 50cm/pixel, 50 bands, twice per day, covering the full planet!). These data open the door to a large range of important applications, such as the planning of urban environments …

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Sep 07

Ph.D. Position: Compression of Animated 3D Scenes for Virtual and Mixed Reality

Click on the title of the post to activate the URL   Duration: 3 years   See detailed offer at the following URL

Sep 07

Postdoctoral or Engineer Position: 3D Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes from Infrared Images and Localization Data

Click on the title of the post to activate the URL   See detailed offer   Duration: from 24 to 28 months.  

Jul 31

PhD thesis on Indoor reconstruction from smartphones

We offer a PhD position in Computer Vision and Computer Graphics on indoor reconstruction from smatphones. Details on the research topic can be found here   Applicants must have completed an outstanding Master in Mathematics or Computer Science. The deadline is 9th of October 2017. Applicants should submit a cover letter,  CV, and university transcripts to

Feb 08

PhD thesis: Satellite image analysis for measuring rock properties in fault damage zones, a key constraint for earthquake modeling

Context: Decades of research in earthquake sciences have yielded meager prospects for earthquake predictability: we cannot today predict the time, location and magnitude of a forthcoming earthquake. Yet important advances have been made, including the demonstration that certain intrinsic properties of the tectonic faults that produce earthquakes significantly affect their magnitude and hence their devastating …

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Apr 11

PhD topic: Numerical Optimal Transport and Application to Geometry Processing

Thesis topic: Optimal transport is a powerful mathematical tool at the interface between calculus of variations, probability and partial differential equations. In the recent past concepts from finite dimensional classical geometry have been successfully transferred to infinite-dimensional spaces, where shapes are seen as probability densities, or where raw measurements are seen as discrete measures, i.e., …

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