Optimal weighted Voronoi tessellations

Shifted & weighted Voronoi diagram

City Modeling

Reconstructing CityGML-conformed buildings from airborne and satellite data

Kinetic Shape Reconstruction

Converting raw point clouds into concise polygon meshes

Curved optimal Delaunay triangulations

Higher-order Bézier éléments

Topology-repairing Delaunay meshing of CAD models

Meshing across trimming curves considering the local feature size

Welcome to the TITANE group at Inria!

Our research activities focus on geometric modeling and processing, on remote sensing, and on related areas such as image processing and computer vision. Our overall objective is the computerized geometric modeling of complex scenes from physical measurements. On the geometric modeling and processing pipeline, this objective corresponds to steps required for conversion from physical to effective digital representations: analysis, reconstruction and approximation.


Accepted paper at CVPR 2024 on a QEM-based learnable 3D shape representation.
Accepted paper at ICCV 2023 on learning watertight surface meshes with Voronoi diagrams.
Accepted paper at SIGGRAPH 2023 on variational shape reconstruction.
Accepted paper at SGP 2023 on feature-preserving offset mesh generation.


Geometric modeling, geometry processing, remote sensing, image analysis, computational geometry, surface reconstruction, geometry compression, mesh generation, machine learning.