• H2020 BIM2TWIN (Optimal Construction Management & Production Control) , H2020-EU. – Technologies enabling energy-efficient systems and energy-efficient buildings with a low environmental impact.
  • ITN GRAPES (Learning, processing and optimising shapes), H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019 Innovative Training Networks:

Industrial / institutional

  • Inria challenge: ROAD-AI (with Cerema and other Inria project-teams: ACENTAURI, COATI, FUN, MODAL and STATIFY)
  • Naval Group: digital twin for the factory
  • CSTB: urban modeling and semantization
  • Samp AI: random-access compression of 3D point clouds
  • AlteIA: from 3D point clouds to cognitive 3D models
  • CNES-Airbus: geometric modeling of urban scenes

Past projects


  • ERC proof of concept TITANIUM (software components for Robust Geometry Processing), 2017-2018
  • ERC starting grant IRON (Robust Geometry Processing), 2011-2016


  • ANR EPITOME (Efficient representation to structure large-scale satellite images), P.I. Yuliya Tarabalka.
  • ANR BIOM (Indoor/outdoor building modeling), leader IGN.
  • ANR PISCO (“Perceptual Levels of Detail for Interactive and Immersive Remote Visualization of Complex 3D Scenes”), leader INSA Lyon.
  • ANR/DGA LOCA3D (Indoor localization), leader SME INNODURA Lyon.
  • ANR FAULTS_R_GEMS (Properties of faults a key to Realistic Generic Earthquake Models and hazard Simulations) (Défi des Autres Savoirs, PRC, 2017) , leader Geoazur.

Industrial / institutional

  • Dorea technology: geometry simplification for thermal simulation of satellites
  • Google Chrome University Research Program: geometry compression.
  • Google X: geometry reconstruction and repair.
  • Dassault Systemes: Urban reconstruction
  • Luxcarta: 3D urban reconstruction from satellite images
  • Urbassist: geometric modeling for urban design
  • CNES and ACRI-ST: analysis of large-scale remote sensing images

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