Talk by Fanny Dufossé

On April 5th, Fanny Dufossé from INRIA team DataMove will present her work.

TitleDimensioning of multi-clouds with follow-the-renewable approaches for environmental impact minimization

Cloud computing has become an essential component of our digital society. Efforts for reducing its environmental impact are being made by academics and industry alike, with commitments from major cloud providers to be fully operated by renewable energy in the future. One strategy to reduce nonrenewable energy usage is the “follow-the-renewables”, in which the workload is migrated to be executed in the data centers with the most availability of renewable energy.
The objective consists in developing a realistic model of Clouds supplied by green energy, and a simulation platform to compare scheduling algorithms. We consider the problem of cloud dimensioning, to minimize the ecological impact of data centers in terms of brown energy consumption and IT products manufacturing.

The slides are available here.