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Talk by Clément Foyer

On June, 18th,  Clément Foyer, post-doc in our team, will present us the work he did during his PhD. Title: Abstractions for Portable Data Management in Heterogeneous Memory Systems Abstract: This talk present the work I did for my Thesis at the University of Bristol. This thesis is a study of data selection and placement in …

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Talk by Rosa M. Badia

On May, 25th, Rosa M. Badia, from Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC), will present to us her recent research group activities. Title: Parallel machine learning with PyCOMPSs and dislib Abstract: The seminar will present our group research on parallel programming models, more specifically in PyCOMPSs. PyCOMPSs is a task-based programming model for distributed computing platforms. In the seminar …

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Talk by Clément Gavoille

On June, 4th, Julien Rodriguez, PhD student from our team and the CEA, will present us his thesis topic. The presentation will be given in French. Title: Modélisation et projection de performances d’applications parallèles sur environnement ARM Abstract: L’évolution des architectures de processeurs rend la prédiction et l’évaluation des performances d’une application parallèle complexes. En …

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Talk by Julien Rodriguez

On April 16th, Julien Rodriguez, PhD student from our team and the CEA, will present us his thesis topic. Title:  Circuit partitioning for multi-FPGA platforms Abstract: An FPGA (‘Field Programmable Gate Array’) is an integrated circuit comprising a large number of programmable and interconnectable logic resources, which allow one to implement, by programming, a digital …

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Talk by Francieli Zanon Boito

On March 19th, Francieli Zanon Boito, Assistant Professor in our team, will present us some results of her recent research activities. Title: Application-aware arbitration of I/O resources in HPC machines Abstract: I/O forwarding is a well-established and widely-adopted technique in HPC to reduce contention in the access to storage servers and transparently improve I/O performance. …

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Talk by Emmanuel Jeannot

On March 4th, Emmanuel Jeannot, TADaaM team leader, will present us some result of his research. Ttile: Process Mapping on any Topologies with TOPOMATCH Abstract: Process mapping (or process placement) is a useful algorithmic technique to optimize the way applications are launched and executed onto a parallel machine. By taking into account the topology of …

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Talk by Valentin Honoré

On June 24th, Valentin Honoré, PhD student from our team, will present us some results of his research, published at IPDPS’20. Title: Reservation and Checkpointing Strategies for Stochastic Jobs Abstract: In this paper, we are interested in scheduling and checkpointing stochastic jobs on a reservation-based platform, whose cost depends both (i) on the reservation made, …

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Talk by Laercio LIMA PILLA (LRI)

On November 4th, Laercio LIME PILLA, CNRS researcher at LRI (Paris) will present us his recent works about load-balancing in distributed environments. The talk will take place in room Grace Hopper 2 at 4pm.   Slides of the talks can be found here: Scalable Scheduling Distributed Algorithms & the Packing Model Seminaire Bordeaux – 2019

Talk by Alexandre Denis (TADaaM) on May 2nd

On May 2nd, Alexandre Denis, INRIA researcher in TADaaM team, will present us his recent works on scalabiily of NewMadeleine Communication library. The talk will take place at 2pm in Room Grace Hopper 2. ——————————————————————————————————————— Title : Scalability of the NewMadeleine Communication Library for Large Numbers of MPI Point-to-Point Requests Abstract : New kinds of …

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Talk by Francieli Zanon Boito (Corse Team, Inria Grenoble/LIG) on January 23rd

January 23rd at 2pm in room Grace Hopper2 (4th floor), Francieli Zanon Boito (post-doc in Corse Team), will present her recent works on data management Title: Data management to promote near-data processing Abstract: Motivated by a case study of instrumental data management at the CEA, this project aims at providing near-data processing (NDP) for tasks …

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