What is SequeL?

SequeL is a research group. SequeL is an acronym for "Sequential Learning". In short, with less technical words: we investigate how we can create software that, in some way, adapts to its users, or its environment more generally. For that purpose, the software learns.
Formally, SequeL is a research group belonging to the INRIA Lille-Nord Europe research center, and the CRIStAL. The permanent members of SequeL are employed either by Inria, or by the CNRS, or by the University of Lille. The non permanent members may also be employees of companies.
SequeL will end on October 31st, 2020, and immediately give birth to a new research group named Scool.

Aim of SequeL

The aim of SequeL is to study the resolution of sequential decision problems. For that purpose, we study sequential learning algorithms with focus on reinforcement and bandit learning. We put an emphasis on the use of concepts and tools drawn from statistical learning. Our work spans from theory of learnability, to the design of efficient algorithm, to applications.