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Every year, SequeL is looking for:

Positions in 2020

Researcher positions at CNRS

SequeL belongs to section 6. Some words of advice
If you wish to apply, get in touch with philippe -dot- preux -at- inria -dot- fr.
You apply through the CNRS laboratory, that is CRIStAL.

Researcher positions at Inria (CR, ISFP, DR)

There are 3 types of non-temporary research position at Inria in 2020:

It might be quite complicated for a candidate to figure out how he/she should better apply. We urge you to get in touch with SequeL head (philippe preux) to obtain some decoding, and advices.

  • Deadline for application: Feb. 16th, 2020
If you wish to apply, get in touch NOW with philippe -dot- preux -at- inria -dot- fr

There are also non permanent positions: see

Postdoc positions

  • 2 years post-doc on explainability in a VQA system, and DL, supervised by Ph. Preux in collaboration with Lacodam group at Inria Rennes. Hiring in Spring 2020.
  • 2 years post-doc on data science on medical data, supervised by Ph. Preux in collaboration with CHU Lille/INSERM. Hiring in Spring 2020.
  • 1 year post-doc on novel challenges in Reinforcement Learning theory at Inria Lille. These challenges are inspired by an application in biodiversity-preserving agriculture; the goal is to advance theory (regret minimization guarantees, etc) to answer some of these challenges, hence we expect an applicant with strong record of publications on basic research. Hiring in Spring 2020.

PhD positions

  • PhD on non stationary bandits, co-supervision O-A. Maillard and Ph. Preux. Theory + applications in health. In collaboration with clinicians/researchers at hospital in Lille/INSERM.


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