Open Positions

Every year, SequeL is looking for:

  • graduate students to complete their PhD
  • post-docs
  • R & D engineers
  • full-time researchers (junior / senior)

General schedule:

  • applications are due at the end of winter/beginning spring, each year
  • acceptance in the early summer, each year
  • positions are actually open in fall, each year

So, for the next year, get in touch no later than winter!

You may also consider the following possibilities:

  • staying with us during your sabbatical

Positions in 2019

Researcher positions at INRIA (CR, DR)

  • Deadline for application: Feb 17th, 2019
  • More information will soon appear here, and on Inria website.
If you wish to apply, get in touch NOW with philippe -dot- preux -at- inria -dot- fr


As part of a project related to radiology images, I am looking for an engineer. The candidate will have a strong background in deep learning for computer vision.
Duration: 1 year
Starting date: Spring 2019
Location: Inria facility in Villeneuve d’Ascq, France.
Contact: please, get in touch with philippe -dot- preux -at- inria -dot- fr


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