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PhD and HdR defenses
Yearly reports of activites


  • Nov. 1st: SequeL is finished; Scool is born.
  • Oct 31st: last day of existence of SequeL.
  • Oct 30th: Édouard Laurent defends his PhD: he is the last SequeL Phd!
  • NeurIPS decisions have flown: SequeL has 6 papers accepted at NeurIPS this year. Édouard Laurent will give an oral presentation for his paper with O-A. Maillard and D. Efimov.
  • May 19th: Guillaume Gautier defends his PhD.
  • Jan 28th: Florian Strub defends his PhD.
  • Jan: Associate Team Data Collection for Smart Crop Management is accepted for funding from Inria. This is a joint project with Fun, and Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour, India. Managed by Philippe Preux.




  • Julien Seznec, our PhD student publishes an article in Les Echos that discusses ML for education.
  • CNRS publishes a French article about zonotope sampling presented at ICML.
  • Daniele Calandriello and Julien Perolat defend their PhD on Dec. 18th
  • Marc Abeille defends his PhD on Dec 13th
  • Pratik Gajane defends his PhD on Nov. 14th
  • Guesswhat?! demonstrated at the 50th Inria anniversary
  • 9 papers accepted at NIPS 2017: see you in Long Beach!
  • Équipes associeés Nord-Europeénnes 2017 led by Michal Valko was accepted to work with the team of Alexandra Carpentier on the project on Adaptive allocation of resources for recommender systems (acronym: Allocate)
  • SequeL has 6 papers accepted at ICML 2017
  • GuessWhat!: computers learn to talk
  • SequeL has one spot-light presentation at CVPR 2017 (selection rate for spotlight is 5%)
  • SequeL displays a strong presence at AI&Stats 2017, presenting 6 papers this year.
  • Alessandro Lazaric interviewed on machine learning driven e-learning
  • On Jan 1st, Matteo Pirotta joins the group as a post-doc, working on the ANR ExtraLearn project


  • Frédéric Guillou defends his PhD on Dec. 2nd
  • On Dec 1st, Ralph Bourdoukan joins the group as a post-doc
  • Tomáš Kocák defends his PhD on Nov. 28th
  • On Nov. 1st, James Ridgway joins the group as a post-doc
  • Odalric-Ambrym Maillard moves from Saclay to SequeL, bringing with him is brand new ANR JCJC Badass.
  • June 2016: Michal Valko defends his habilitation à diriger les recherches
  • April, 2016: Alessandro Lazaric is an invited speaker at DALI 2016
  • January 11-12th, 2016: Emilie Kaufmann and Michal Valko were invited speakers at Multi-armed Bandit Workshop
  • H2020 project Babyrobot accepted for funding.


  • December 14th, 2015: Marta Soare defends her PhD
  • November 24th, 2015: Jérémie Mary defends his HDR
  • November, 2015: Nuukik awarded after its succesfull collaboration with Jérémie Mary, and SequeL
  • Chist-Era IGLU accepted for funding. Partners are University of Sheerbrooke (Canada, coordinator), University of Mons (Belium), Inria (France), University of Lille (France), KTH (sweden), Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain).
  • November 2015: Émilie Kaufmann joins SequeL as CNRS junior researcher
  • October 2015: Christos Dimitrakakis joins SequeL as assistant professor
  • September 2015: Bilal Piot joins SequeL as assistant professor
  • June 24th, 2015: ICML is closing in: Lille, center of the ML world!
  • Check the binaire blog on Le Monde website (in French) “L’apprentissage automatique : pas à pas
  • May 2015: in press: Michal Valko explains why he teaches machine learning at École Normale Supérieure
  • May 2015: Victor Gabillon (former PhD student in SequeL) and Bilal Piot (currently post-doc in SequeL) are both ranked 2nd at the Artificial Intelligence French Association (AFIA) price.
  • February 1st, 2015: SequeL has been officially renewed for a new period of 4 years. This third period of life of SequeL begins on Feb 1st, 2015 and lasts until December 31st, 2018. At that time, SequeL will end as an INRIA team-project.
  • January 2015:
    • researcher positions at INRIA are open. 3 CR positions available in Lille.
    • 3 assistant professor positions open at the university possibly in relation with SequeL
    • Engineer position for a contract of 3 years.
    • Post-doc and PhD
  • Jan, 2015: associate team EduBand with CMU, Pittsburgh, led by Alessandro Lazaric, is accepted for 3 years from now on.






  • Nov 26th 2010: Sébastien Bubeck has been ranked 2nd for the 2010 Gilles Kahn award (best PhD in computer science)
  • starting Sep. 14th 2010, Peter Auer visits SequeL during 10 days
  • The cover of the July 2010 Pour la Science magazine advertize Rémi Coulom’s paper about ranking in games and sports
  • Sébastien Bubeck defends his PhD on June 10th, 2010 at the ENS-Ulm. He is the first student to defend a PhD in SequeL.
  • Laszlo Gyorfi visits us on March 19th.
  • from Feb 4th to Feb 11th, 2010, Boris Ryabko is visiting SequeL during 10 days
  • V. Gabillon, J. Mary, and Ph. Preux received the best paper award at the 10e Extraction, Gestion des Connaissances (EGC) for their paper “Affichage de publicités sur des portails web”


  • S. Bubeck receives the best student paper award at COLT’2009.


  • Fall 2008: R. Coulom’s Crazy Stone wins against a human expert
  • Sep 2008: Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS) at Île de Ré, organized by M. Davy and J. Mary
  • June-July 2008: SequeL organizes the 8th European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning
  • Jan 2008: creation of the Predict & Control spin-off by P-A. Coquelin


  • 2007: R. Coulom’s Crazy Stone becomes a valuable opponent for a human being at the 19×19 Go game. He is awarded with silver medal.
  • Jul 1st, 2007: SequeL is officially created as an INRIA team-project.


  • Apr 3rd, 2006: SequeL is created as an INRIA team, located in Lille.


  • Spring 2005: M. Davy, R. Munos, Ph. Preux meet and begin to talk about creating SequeL.

PhD and HdR defenses

Yearly reports of activities

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