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Computer vision researcher. Research field: computer vision algorithms, objects recognitions, scene segmentation, deep learning, vision in bad weather, Hand gesture & Pose estimation, 2D & 3D processing (rgb, depth, point clouds).

Resume [PDF]

Research axis

At Inria, I have developed several axes about computer vision applied to autonomous vehicle in the computer vision group of RITS. Current I’m pursuing my research and supervising a small group of Computer Vision students and fusion with deep learning, physic based model, vision in adverse conditions, monocular odometry, object recognition, 3D reconstruction, etc.

My past research institutes: Mines ParisTech (France), Carnegie Mellon Uni. (USA), Uni. of Makedonia (Greece).

Computer Vision Group


  • Maximilian Jaritz, PhD student [2017-]
    Deep learning fusion for heterogeneous multi-sensor vision
  • Luis Roldão, PhD student with A. Verroust-Blondet [2017-]
    Fine 3D reconstruction of points clouds
  • Pierre Bourré, Computer Vision Engineer [2018-]
  • Shirsendu Halder, trainee (BSc, from IIT Roorkee) [2018-]
    Computer Vision in degraded weather conditions


  • Sule Kahraman (undergrad, from M.I.T., USA) [2017]
    Influence of Fog on Computer Vision Algorithms, Research report [PDF]
  • Ziyang HONG (MSc, from Uni. of Burgundy, France) [2017]
    Deep learning object recognition frameworks
  • Aitor Gomez Torres (MSc, from INSIA, Spain) [2016-2017]
    Rain and computer vision
  • Rafael Colmenares (MSc, from Uni. Simon Bolivar, Venezuela) [2016-2017]
    Spatio-temporal graph based energy minimization for road segmentation
  • Pablo Marin (PhD Intern, from Uni. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)  [2016]
  • Alexis Meyer (MSc, from Telecom Sud Paris, France) [2016]
    Monocular Ego Velocity Estimation, Research report [PDF]
  • Kenneth Jose Martinez Torres (MSc, from Uni. del Turabo, Puerto Rico) [2016]

Research experience


France has a different mechanism to fund researches, but here are a few “fundings” of my research.

  • Funding Samuel de Champlain with Jean-Francois Lalonde, from Univ. Laval, Quebec, canada on “Computer Vision in complex conditions” 2018 / 2019
  • PhDs fundings: Valeo, Akka. 2017-2020
  • French National Project Campus. 2018-2020
  • FUI project PACV2x. 2017-2019

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