Paolo Robuffo Giordano

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Paolo Robuffo Giordano

CNRS Senior Scientist (DR2 CNRS)


Disclaimer 1: Paolo is my first name, Robuffo Giordano my two surnames.

Disclaimer 2: I am not interested in hosting students for summer internships (typically, from May to July). Therefore, please avoid contacting me for these requests.

Short bio

I was born in Rome, Italy. In 2001 I received the « Laurea » degree (M.Sc.) in Computer Science Engineering (« Ingegneria Informatica ») from the University of Rome « La Sapienza », and in 2008 the Ph.D. degree in Systems Engineering from the same institution.
From November 2007 to October 2008 I was a Postdoc at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics of the German Space Agency (DLR) in Munich, Germany, headed by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hirzinger.
From October 2008 until November 2012 I joined the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen, Germany, as a Senior Research Scientist in the department of Prof. Heinrich H. Bülthoff. Over the years, I have created and led the « Human-Robot Interaction » group in the Bülthoff department.
In December 2012
I joined the Lagadic team of Inria/IRISA, Rennes, France, as a CNRS Permanent Researcher (CR1).

In October 2016 I was promoted to CNRS Research Director (DR2).
Since January 2018 I am the scientific leader of the Rainbow Team at Inria/IRISA.

My scientific interests include motion control for mobile robots and mobile manipulators, visual control of robots, active sensing, bilateral teleoperation, shared control, multi-robot estimation and control, aerial robotics.
In general I like to tackle robotics problems by exploiting tools from systems theory, automatic control, estimation, planning.


  • 2008 Best Italian PhD Thesis in Automatic Control (here the thesis)
  • 2009 Best Video Award at ICRA’09
  • 2015 Best Associate Editor Award at ICRA 2015
  • 2019 IEEE RA-L 2018 Best Paper Award (for this paper)
  • 2019 Michel Monpetit award from the French National Academy of Sciences (Académie des sciences). Here a video of the award ceremony
  • 2020 First Honorable Mention for the Best IEEE Transactions on Haptics Short Paper (for this paper)


Editorial Activities:

Some Recent News

PhD Students


Some videos showing selected results

Connectivity-Maintenance Teleoperation of a UAV Fleet with Wearable Haptic Feedback, IEEE T-ASE 2020

Perception- Aware Human-Assisted Navigation of Mobile Robots on Persistent Trajectories, RAL/IROS 2020

Minimum-Time Trajectory Generation Under Intermittent Measurements, RAL/ICRA 2019

Shared-Control for Guided Multi-Target Robotic Grasping, IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 2019

Shared Planning and Control for Mobile Robots with Integral Haptic Feedback, IJRR 2018

Haptic Shared- Control Methods for Robotic Cutting under Nonholonomic Constraints, IROS 2019

Vision-Based Target Tracking while Avoiding Collisions and Occlusions, RAL/IROS 2018 (Best 2018 RAL Paper Award)

Balancing for a Humanoid Robot Performing High-Force Interaction Tasks, RAL/ICRA 2019

Aerial Locomotion exploiting Contacts, RAL/ICRA 2018

Bearing Rigidity Maintenance, ICRA 2017

Visual-Based Shared Control, IROS 2016

Coupling Active Estimation and Visual Control, IJRR 2017

Multi-target Exploration with Connectivity Maintenance, Autonomous Robots 2017

Fully-Actuated Quadrotor with Titling Propellers, IEEE T-CST 2015

Decentralized Rigidity Maintenance, IJRR 2015

Human-assisted Reactive Planning for Mobile Robots, ICRA 2014

Decentralized Connectivity Maintenance, IJRR 2013

Bearing-based Formation Control for Quadrotors, IJRR 2012


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