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Chuck Liang visits for a week

Chuck Liang visited the team during the week of 16 December.  He gave a talk on Wednesday 18 Dec.

PhD defense of Mahfuza Farooque

Mahfuza Farooque succeesfully defended her PhD yesterday (19 Dec 2013). Her thesis is titled “Automated reasoning techniques in sequent calculus”.

Danko Ilik begins his postdoc in Parsifal

Danko Ilik starts a one year postdoc within the team.  He will be part of the ProofCert effort.  

Internships for 2014 available

Members of Parsifal have posted internships for 2014 (M2 level).

PhD defense of Ivan Gazeau

Ivan Gazeau succeesfully defended his PhD yesterday (14 Oct 2013).  His thesis is titled “Safe Programming in finite precision: Controling the errors and information leaks”.  Ivan is in the process of packing up and moving to his next position as a PostDoc researcher at the University of Birmingham.

Accepted paper at CPP 2013

A paper by Alwen Tiu and Dale Miller titled Extracting Proofs from Tabled Proof Search has been accepted by the CPP 2013 conference and will be presented in Melbourne, Australia  in December 2013.

Accepted paper at LFMTP 2013

A paper by Mahfuza Farooque, Stéphane Graham-Lengrand, and Assia Mahboubi titled A bisimulation between DPLL(T) and a proof-search strategy for the focused sequent calculus has been accepted to LFMTP 2013 and will be presented at the workshop in Boston during September 2013.

Stefan Hetzl gets a new position in Vienna

Stefan Hetzl (former postdoc in Parsifal) has recently won a sponsorship from the Vienna Science Technology Fund that will allow him to build a new research team at the Technical University of Vienna.  For more about this 1.5 million euro award, read the press releases in English and German.

Paper accepted to LICS 2013

The submission to LICS 2013 titled Unifying Classical and Intuitionistic Logics for Computational Control by Chuck Liang and Dale Miller was accepted.  The final draft of this paper is due 26 April.  If you have any comments on the earlier draft, please get them to one of the authors by then.

Jean Pichon starts as an intern

Jean Pichon started his M2 internship via MPRI within the team on 18 March.  He will be here until late August.  The proposal for his internship is available.