Job and internship offers

2015/16 offers:

  • MsC internship on “Non smooth optimal control” [link]
  • MsC internship on “Periodic optimal control and applications” [link]
  • MsC internship on “Software development and numerical simulation of the heterogeneity in transport diffusion with nutrients and micro-organisms [link]

2014/15 offers:

  • MsC internship on”Optimization of the production of biogas in a bioreactor” [link]
  • MsC internship on “Optimal shape of non homogeneous bioreactors” [link]
  • MsC internship on “Minimal time control problem for a bioreactor” [link]

Former offers:

  • 2014: Phd position on “Optimal design of micro-algae bioprocesses” [link]
  • 2014: MSc internship on “Computing for decontamination” (with LEMON project-team) [link]
  • 2014: Junior Researcher at INRA (Applied Mathematics and Informatics Department) [link]
  • 2013: Phd position on “Probabilistic modelling and simulation of communities assembling for the study of ecosytem functioning. Application to microbial ecology in soil” (with UMR Eco&Sols) [link]

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