Following the first works on modelling and control of landfills performed in the framework of the associated team DYMECOS with Chile, that have proposed an optimal feedback strategy for the leachate recirculation under the assumption of a perfectly mixed medium, a first mockup software has been conceived in view of studying the effects of inhomogeneity along with identification procedures of spatial network structures on data (interconnection of bioreactors as in VITELBIO project). This software is under development.

Action Depollution is a “serious” game for learning how to purify fast and well a water reservoir, such as lakes. In the scope of the international initiative Mathematics of Planet Earth, this game shows an application of mathematics related to environmental education and sustainable devleopment. The player can act as a researcher, that compares different strategies and looks for the best solution. The conception has been achieved with the INRIA project-team LEMON, and the realization with the help of the start-up FUNKADELICHIK, sponsored by the french consortium Cap’maths.

Vitelbio is a simulator of the microbial activity in soils, for which the spatialization is represented as a network of interconnected reservoirs. The software allows to draw an interconnections graph, that respects the constraint of the maximum flow, and to choose the biological characteristics of various bacterial species in competition for a single nutrient. The simulator computes the time evolutions of the different populations in each compartment, and compares the overall yielding of the ecosystem in terms of bio-conversion of the substrate. This software has been developed in the framework of the INRA/INRIA project VITELBIO (VIrtual TELluric BIOreactors), with the help of the company ITK. It is today mainly used for educational purposes (in MSC and PhD lectures).

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