Course – Applied optimal control: Geometry & Algorithms

EECI Course 2015-2016
Applied optimal control: Geometry & Algorithms

bonnard caillau
B. Bonnard & J.-B. Caillau

Abstract of the course

Optimal control is key to addressing problems, e.g. in classical or quantum mechanics. In this course, we review the basics of optimal control with an emphasis on the geometrical viewpoint. On the algorithmic side, cutting edge methods will be presented during hands-on courses on real-world applications.


Theoretical background.

1. Lie algebraic methods for controllability
2. First and second order optimality conditions in control
3. Averaging in optimal control

Hands on.

4. Spacecraft trajectory optimization (hampath)
5. Energy management (l1-magic)
6. Medical imaging by NMR (BOCOP, GloptiPoly)