Research scientists

Faculty members

Administrative assistant

PhD students

External collaborators

Former members

  • Zeinab Badreddine (PhD student, defended November, 2018; now a post-doc at LSS Supélec)
  • Zeng Chen (PhD student, defended September, 2016; now Lecturer at Zhejiang University)
  • Olivier Cots (postdoc; now Assistant Professor at ENSEEIHT)
  • Walid Djema (post-doc; now researcher with Biocore)
  • Yacine El Alaoui-Faris (PhD student, defended December 2020)
  • Sébastien Fueyo (PhD student, defended October, 2020; now postdoc at Paris-Saclay)
  • Laetitia Giraldi, Inria Researcher (now with Calisto team)
  • Helen Henninger (PhD student, defended October, 2015; now postdoc at Politecnico Milano)
  • Lionel Jassionnesse (PhD student, defended November, 2014; now enseignant agrégé de mathématiques)
  • Christel Kozinski (former administrative assistant of the team)
  • Ayadi Lazrag (PhD student, defended October, 2014)
  • Gilles Lebeau, Université Côte d’Azur, Professor, has been an invited fellow (délégation, jointly with COFFEE and FACTAS teams)
  • John Marriott (PhD student, defended September, 2013)
  • Sofya Maslovskaya (postdoc; now Lecturer at Univ. Paderborn)
  • Clément Moreau (PhD student, defended June, 2020; now postdoc)
  • Florentina Nicolau (postdoc; now Assistant Professor at ENSEA)
  • Michaël Orieux (PhD student, defended November, 2018; now postdoc at SISSA)
  • Laurent Pfeiffer (postdoc; now Inria Researcher with Commands team)
  • Ludovic Rifford, Université Côte d’Azur, Professor, founding member of McTAO
  • Achille Sassi (PhD student, defended January, 2017; now consultant at Accenture)