About McTAO team

McTAO (Mathematics for Control, Transport and their ApplicatiOns) is an Inria Team, common with Université Côte d’Azur & CNRS (Laboratoire J.-A. Dieudonné) and in an agreement with Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté & CNRS (Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne).  Members are located in Sophia Antipolis, Nice and Dijon.

Overall Objectives

The core endeavor of this team is to develop methods in control theory for finite-dimensional nonlinear systems, as well as in optimal transport, and to be involved in real applications of these techniques. Some mathematical fields like dynamical systems and optimal transport may benefit from control theory techniques. Our primary domain of industrial applications will be space engineering, namely designing trajectories in space mechanics using optimal control and stabilization techniques: Transfer of a satellite between two Keplerian orbits, rendez-vous problem, transfer of a satellite from the Earth to the Moon or more complicated space missions. A second field of applications is quantum control with applications to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and medical image processing. A third and more recent one is the control of micro-swimmers, i.e. swimming robots where the fluid-structure coupling has a very low Reynolds number.

ICIAM 2019 MS – Computational methods and applications in optimal control

  “An overlooked point in Von Neumann‘s legacy: HE WROTE THE CODE.” – M. Wright, SIAM Von Neumann lecture (ICIAM’2019) Computational methods and applications in optimal control Keywords: optimal control, mean field games, mechanical systems 17/07/2019 | 17:00 – 19:00 Organizer: Jean-Baptiste Caillau Organizer: Olivier Cots Organizer: Pierre Martinon Summary: This minisymposim aims at providing …

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Thèse CIFRE – Conception d’un système de stimulateur musculaire intelligent

Conception d’un système de stimulateur musculaire intelligent La Stimulation Electrique Fonctionnelle (SEF) est utilisée dans le domaine sportif ainsi que dans la réhabilitation des patients atteints de troubles neurologiques. Dans le domaine sportif, la SEF est utilisée essentiellement pour le renforcement musculaire àl’aide d’un certain nombre d’exercices bien définis. Dans le deuxième cas, les troublesneurologiques …

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Séminaire GAD de Sorin Sabau (U. Tokai) – On the calculus of variations on Finsler manifolds. Mardi 28 mai 2019 (salle I LJAD)

Sorin Sabau (U. Tokai) On the calculus of variations on Finsler manifolds Abstract In the present talk we will review some basic facts on the calculus of variations on Finsler manifolds focusing in particular on Randers and Kropina manifolds. We will consider both Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalism and show how the Legendre transform works in Finsler …

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Séminaire GAD M. Orieux (SISSA) – Mardi 9 avril 2019, LJAD (salle I)

     Michael Orieux (SISSA) Résumé. Optimal control of systems whose dynamics are affine in the control have a wide range of applications, from energy minimisation in orbit transfer problems to quantum control. The necessary conditions give the optimal trajectory as the projection of the integral curves of an Hamiltonian system defined on the cotangent bundle of …

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