About McTAO team

McTAO is an Inria Team, common with Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis and CNRS (Laboratoire J.-A. Dieudonné) and in an agreement with Université de Bourgogne (Institut de Mathématique de Bourgogne).  Members are located in Sophia Antipolis, Nice and Dijon.

Overall Objectives

The core endeavor of this team is to develop methods in control theory for finite-dimensional nonlinear systems, as well as in optimal transport, and to be involved in real applications of these techniques. Some mathematical fields like dynamical systems and optimal transport may benefit from control theory techniques. Our primary domain of industrial applications will be space engineering, namely designing trajectories in space mechanics using optimal control and stabilization techniques: Transfer of a satellite between two Keplerian orbits, rendez-vous problem, transfer of a satellite from the Earth to the Moon or more complicated space missions. A second field of applications is quantum control with applications to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and medical image processing. A third and more recent one is the control of micro-swimmers, i.e. swimming robots where the fluid-structure coupling has a very low Reynolds number.

S. Sabau (Tokai Univ.) – The global behaviour of geodesics on Finsler surfaces. LJAD (Nice), Nov. 7 2017

Sorin Sabau (Tokai Univ.) The global behaviour of geodesics on Finsler surfaces. LJAD (Nice), Nov. 7 2017 We will present some basic facts on the local and global geometry of geodesics on Finsler surfaces. These properties are closely related to the notions of conjugate and cut locus. In particular, we will show how the global …

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PGMO’2017 session on Optimal control and applications to biology

PGMO days 2017 Optimal control and applications to biology (Invited Session, organized by Jean-Baptiste Caillau) Clément Moreau (Sophia) – Controllability of a Magneto-Elastic Micro-Swimmer Cécile Carrère (Aix-Marseille) – Optimization and control of heterogeneous tumors Francis Mairet (Nantes) – Optimal resource allocation for bacterial

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Stage M2 (2018): Contrôle optimal d’allocation de ressources dans une bactérie

Les mécanismes de l’adaptation des bactéries à un environnement fluctuant sont primordiaux, tant en biologie fondamentale que pour les applications biotechnologiques. Il s’agira de reprendre un modèle existant [1] décrivant comment une bactérie (E. coli)  alloue ses ressources entre croissance globale et métabolisme pour obtenir un taux de croissance maximum. On considérera plusieurs cas pour …

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Soutenance de thèse de Zeinab Badreddine – Institut math. de Bourgogne, 4 décembre 2017

La soutenance de thèse de Zeinab Badreddine (McTAO, thèse sous la direction de L. Rifford et B. Bonnard) aura lieu le 4 décembre 2017 à 10:30 à Dijon, à l’Institut math. de Bourgogne (salle Baire). Titre. Mass transportation in sub-Riemannian structures admitting singular minimizing geodesics Abstract. This thesis is devoted to the study of mass transportation in sub-Riemannian geometry. …

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