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Dynamic Stereoscopic Previz

Sergi Pujades, Laurent Boiron, Rémi Ronfard, Frédéric Devernay. International Conference on 3D Imaging, Dec 2014, Liege, Belgium. Abstract The pre-production stage in a film workflow is important to save time during production. To be useful in stereoscopic 3-D movie-making, storyboards and previz tools need to be adapted in at least two ways. First, it should …

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Stage: déformation d’images volumiques

Déformation d’images volumiques Stage M1 ou M2 pro, encadré par François Faure Contexte L’imagerie médicale permet de visualiser l’intérieur du corps pour comprendre des pathologies ou préparer des interventions. Pour montrer les muscles et organes déformables, elle se pratique sur des patients allongés. Dans cette position, la colonne vertébrale s’applatit et prend une forme différente …

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Internship: Reduced Models

Reduced Models of Human Joints Research Master Internship Goal: high-quality, interactive biomechanical simulations Motivation Interactive biomechanical simulations allow us to interact in real-time with 3D anatomical models. They are increasingly used for surgery rehearsal and teaching, and we believe that their use will spread to other domains such as industrial design and games. Deformable objects …

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Internship: 3D Anatomy Editor

3D Anatomy Editor Master Internship, Imagine team Goal: To graphically edit anatomical models to match constraints Contact:  François Faure Motivation Using our recent work on Anatomy Transfer it is possible to automatically generate personalized 3D anatomical models based on medical images (MRI or CT) as illustrated below, by registrating a generic model to a personalized …

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Internship: Anatomy in Motion Capture

Internal Anatomy in Motion Capture Animation Master Internship, Morpheo and Imagine teams Goal: To animate an anatomical model based on motion capture Contact: Edmond Boyer, François Faure Proposed work The objective of this project is to animate an anatomical model, a human anatomy for example, using real performances captured with a multi-camera system. The project …

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Internship: Procedural Generation of Anatomical Detail

Procedural Generation of Anatomical Detail Master Internship, IMAGINE research team. Goal: Inventing new procedural modeling tools to turn anatomical knowledge into geometry generation programs. Contact: François Faure Context Current anatomical models such as ZygoteBody are impressive but they are coarse, static, and not customizable. We have recently addressed the animation and customization issues through the …

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Offre de stage TER simulation interactive

TER 2013 – Simulation interactive de couplage d’objets rigides et déformables